University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review

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This brief introduction about oil and gas law in Arkansas is intended to help lawyers to better serve their clients and to explore the most important issues and concepts of a complex area of the law. This introduction into oil and gas involves the following: unfamiliar definitions; familiar words that are peculiar to this area of the law; new legal doctrines that are also peculiar to this area of the law; practice pointers in conveyance and estate planning in which involve mineral rights; discussions of tax forfeitures; adverse possession and surface rights, as they relate to these rights a blueprint of a typical oil and gas lease; an explanation of certain covenants that the law adds to or reads into those mineral leases; an explanation of the origins and fallacies of the common law Rule of Capture, leading into a discussion of Arkansas's current oil and gas regulatory environments; and finally, an explication of the practical and philosophical underpinnings of oil and gas law and practice.